Michael Pavelko Receives DOI Exemplary Act Award

Release Date:

NVWSC hydrologist, Michael Pavelko, received the Department of the Interior Exemplary Act award at the USGS awards ceremony on May 15, 2018, at the USGS headquarters in Reston, VA. Michael was awarded for his quick thinking and action that saved the life of a co-worker.

Michael's award reads:

In recognition of a heroic act which resulted in the saving of a life. In the Summer of 2017, Mr. Michael Pavelko, a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) employee was carrying out field work in the Mojave Desert near Shoshone, California, with Mr. Michael Moreo, another USGS employee. Mr. Moreo, who had been complaining of discomfort over the course of the morning, lay down to rest in the shade. Mr. Pavelko recognized the potential for an emergency, and asked Mr. Moreo if he needed medical care. Mr. Moreo assented, and Mr. Pavelko immediately drove to the medical clinic in Shoshone (1 mile away) to get help. The medical clinic alerted the California Highway Patrol and called for a helicopter evacuation. Mr. Pavelko returned to Mr. Moreo, and described what had happened to the first responders and the helicopter evacuation team. Mr. Moreo was flown to a hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he received treatment for a heart attack, making a full recovery. If Mr. Pavelko had not taken the symptoms seriously and gone for help, Mr. Moreo might not have survived. For his decisive and immediate action in saving a life, Michael T. Pavelko is granted the Exemplary Act Award of the Department of the Interior.