Movements and Landscape Use of Eastern Imperial Eagles in Central Asia

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In recent decades, Eastern Imperial Eagle populations have declined throughout their range

In many areas of the western Palearctic, they have become highly fragmented or completely extirpated. Researchers studied Eastern Imperial Eagles captured at a nature reserve in north-central Kazakhstan to describe ecological factors associated with their movements, habitats, and resource selection. They tracked five eagles with satellite telemetry devices, evaluated their movements and habitat associations throughout the annual cycle, and analyzed their selection of resources during fall migration. They also used wing-tagging recovery data to help identify wintering eagle locations. Their study is the first to use GPS telemetry to describe year-round movements and habitat associations of Eastern Imperial Eagles in Central Asia. Findings provide insight into the ecology of this vulnerable raptor species that can contribute to conservation efforts.

Poessel, S.A., Bragin, E.A., Sharpe, P.B., Garcelon, D.K., Bartoszuk, K., Katzner, T.E., 2018, Movements and landscape use of Eastern Imperial Eagles Aquila heliaca in Central Asia: Bird Study,

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