NEW!! Interactive Web Map for the TNMCorps Mapping Challenges!

Release Date:

Some of our tried and true editors have probably noticed that our recent mapping challenges have not been accompanied by an interactive web map.  This is because we've been busy behind the scenes working on a new platform for the Interactive Challenge Map.  

The wait is over and the moment is finally here!  Announcing our new Interactive Challenge Map!

 TNMCorps Interactive Challenge Map

TNMCorps Interactive Web Map

(Public Domain). 

Just like our previous interactive web maps, you can use this platform to zoom in and out while getting a closer look at points that have been collected for this challenge.  You can also click on each point to access a hyperlink that will take you to that same point in the web editor.  

One of the platform’s new features includes an interactive layers list.  To toggle layers on and off, click on the “Layers” tab. You can also choose which basemap you’d like to display as you’re panning around.  

This interactive web map will accompany our larger (i.e., state-level) mapping challenges.  For the smaller (i.e., county-level) challenges, volunteers can still use the filters built into the web editor:

TNMCorps Web Editor Filters

(Public domain.)

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