New USGS Open File Report: Hawaiians and scientists discuss Kīlauea volcanism

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Co-editors Jim Kauahikaua and Janet Babb recently published Conversing with Pelehonuamea—A workshop combining 1,000+ years of traditional Hawaiian knowledge with 200 years of scientific thought on KILAUEA volcanism.

Events surrounding volcanic eruptions and damaging earthquakes in HAWAII have often been described in journals, letters, and newspapers articles in the English language; however, many

Hawaiian-language newspapers were in circulation through all but the earliest decades of the 19th century. Any modern reconstruction of the history of Hawaiian eruptions or earthquakes should take advantage of all available sources, and so we seek to add the Hawaiian-language newspaper articles, journals, stories, and chants to the volcano and earthquake literature. These sources have been used in many recent volcanological studies.

These proceedings are transcripts of oral presentations (illustrated with PowerPoint slides or charts) that were collected during a workshop in which Hawaiians and scientists came together to discuss KILAUEA volcanism. The presentations provide excellent introductions to Pelehonuamea chants, describe approaches to scientific field work that respects Hawaiian values and sacred areas, and discuss the importance of recovering and preserving Hawaiian place names.