NOROCK EcoLunch Seminar Series

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NOROCK EcoLunch is a forum for students, researchers, visiting scientists and collaborators in the environmental sciences to present their current and past work. Presentations will range from brown bag discussions of ongoing projects to more formal seminar presentations. 


Cloud Hosting Solutions Team

Cloud Hosting Solutions Team at Hyalite Reservior

(Credit: Ryan Galloway. Public domain.)

Date: Tuesday, November 6

Time:  12 p.m.  Mountain Time

Presenters: Courtney Owens, Dionne Zoanni, and Eric Larson - CHS Service Management  

Title: USGS Cloud Hosting Solutions Services

Abstract: Cloud Hosting Solutions (CHS) is the required, supported, secure Cloud offering for USGS Science Centers and mission programs. Available since 2015, CHS provides on-demand computing resources and services in the Cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Learn about current and future CHS service offerings that are of interest to researchers. The presentation will highlight recent pilots demonstrating the capabilities of our future Sensor Processing and Data Visualization services.

Location: First Floor Conference Room, "Madison Room", 2327 University Way, Suite 2.  (Click HERE for directions)

Call in: DOI locations: 703.648.4848, non-DOI: 1.855.547.8255
Meeting passcode: 59098744

Video: Join Hangout 


Upcoming Presentations:

November 20th - available

December 4th - Peter Billman: Pikas & Climate Change in the N. Rockies

December 18th - Kimberly Szcodronski: TBD









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