North Central CASC University Director Talks Wildfires, Smoke, Climate Change

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The North Central CASC University Director and partners serve as a trusted source on wildfire science in the Western U.S.

Wildfire in Montana with elk in the foreground.

A wildfire in Montana. Credit: John McColgan, USFS. 

(Public domain.)

A team of fire experts at the University of Colorado Boulder, including the North Central CASC University Director Jennifer Balch, have compiled a list of go-to resources that provide up-to-date information on how the wildfires are progressing, the movement of smoke in the atmosphere, and the impacts on air quality. These efforts draw on many different sources of information—from local air quality monitoring stations to satellites in space.

As large fires blaze across the landscape of the American west, Balch has been interviewed by a variety of media outlets to discuss these resources and wildfire science.

North Central CASC wildfire resources can be found here.

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