Northeast CASC will Gather with Forest Managers to Evaluate Future Climate Impacts

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On December 13, the Northeast CASC will bring together various researchers and collaboraters around the Northeast to address the issue of forest pest risk under a changing climate. 

See the meeting agenda and register here.  

As our understanding of climate change and its impacts on forested ecosystems in the Northeast grows, many innovative efforts are being initiated to track, mitigate, and adapt to changing climate patterns. On December 13, the Northeast Climate Adaptation Science Center (CASC) will bring together researchers and collaborators from state and federal agencies, tribes, and private industry from around the region to discuss how to manage forest pest risk at the annual Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative conference at the University of Vermont in Burlington. The goal is to use forecasts and knowledge co-production (resource managers and scientists working together) to develop a scalable decision-support system. The conference will have sessions on the following topics: Climate and forest ecosystems, forest pests and diseases, technology and partnerships, and forest management. This working session is a collaboration among the Northeast CASC and the National Phenology Network, USGS, USFS, and the Regional Invasive Species and Climate Change Management network.

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Snowy Mountain Adirondack Park NY

Snowy Mountain, Adirondack Park NY taken by Alan Cressler.

(Credit: Alan Cressler. Public domain.)