Photo and Video Chronology - Kīlauea - March 5, 2003

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Breakouts in Kohola flow


Lava breaks out f and pours downslope

Lava breaks out from crust of inflating Kohola flow and pours downslope about 50 m from ocean. Note how crust cools and darkens away from breakout point. Width of view, about 5 meters.

(Credit: , . Public domain.)

Deep troughs of coarse folds with lava visible in cracks

Deeply furrowed crust on lower part of breakout but 5 minutes later. Furrows are troughs of coarse folds (actually folded folds or even folded folded folds) that develop in crust as flow slows. Width of view, about 2 meters.

(Credit: , . Public domain.)

Person overlooking flow breakout with brush burning

Breakout in Kohola flow has lit brush below visitor, 50 meters frometers ocean. Large image shows track of flying ember.

(Credit: , . Public domain.)

Photographer lying on ground watching breakout below

Photographer watching breakout in Kohola flow

(Credit: , . Public domain.)

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