Photo and Video Chronology - Mauna Loa - September 28, 2019

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HVO rebuilds and relocates Mauna Loa gas monitoring instruments


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An HVO scientist connects via computer to an upgraded gas sensor station on Mauna Loa. The old housing for the station is visible in the background. USGS photo by P. Nadeau, 09-17-2019.

(Credit: USGS. Public domain.)

Color photograph of scientists checking instrument

An HVO field engineer and gas geochemist check the wire and tubing connections in the updated gas sensor equipment. 

(Credit: P. Nadeau, USGS. Public domain.)

Color photograph of old fissure with sulfur

Native sulfur crystals often form through the reaction of sulfur dioxide and hydrofen sulfide gases, both of which are degassing from this old fissure on Mauna Loa, making it an ideal site for volcanic gas monitoring. As a result of the degassing, the fissure is lined with yellow sulfur crystals. 

(Credit: P. Nadeau, USGS. Public domain.)