Recent CDI Activity

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Find out more recent CDI Collaboration Area activity on the topics of machine learning, data curation tools, fire science, communicating hazard and risk science, and more! 

CDI collaboration areas meet regularly to learn about relevant topics and skills.  

June collaboration area activity: Tallgrass Supercomputer for AI/ML; Data Curation Toolkit; Elevation data processing at scale; Fire Science update; Metadata review considerations; Paperwork reduction; Community-based water quality monitoring; Rockfall; State of our Coasts; Bsal risk; Uranium in groundwater; Collaboration infrastructure; Serverless! 

May collaboration area activity: Tools for building and training machine learning models, electronic records management, scaling up tree-ring fire history, data publication versus research publication, communicating hazard and risk science, concept maps for modeling response plans, data warehousing and ETL pipelines, sharing hydrologic resources, and usability and trust.