Recent Publications - January 2018

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List of USGS publications on coastal and marine research, published in January of 2018

This article is part of the January 2018 issue of the Sound Waves newsletter.

  • Balster-Gee, A.F., Andrews, B.D., Brothers, D.S., ten Brink, U.S., Kluesner, J.W., and Haeussler, P.J., 2017, Multibeam and multichannel sparker seismic-reflection data between Cross Sound and Dixon Entrance, offshore southeastern Alaska, collected from 2016-05-17 to 2016-06-12 during field activity 2016-625-FA: U.S. Geological Survey data release. []

  • Balster-Gee, A.F., Brothers, D.S., Miller, N.C., Kluesner, J.W., Ebuna, D.R., and East, A.E., 2017, Multichannel sparker seismic-reflection data of field activity 2016-656-FA; between Icy Point and Dixon Entrance, Gulf of Alaska from 2016-08-07 to 2016-08-26: U.S. Geological Survey data release. []

  • Brankovits, D., Pohlman, J., Niemann, H., Leigh, M.B., Leewis, M.C., Becker, K.W., Iliffe, T.M., Alvarez. F., Lehmann, M.F., and Phillips, B., 2017, Methane- and dissolved organic carbon-fueled microbial loop supports a tropical subterranean estuary ecosystem: Nature Communications, v. 8, p. 1–12. []

  • Brothers, D.S., Elliott, J.L., Conrad, J.E., Haeussler, P.J., and Kluesner, J.W., 2018, Strain partitioning in Southeastern Alaska—Is the Chatham Strait Fault active?: Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 481, p. 362–371. []

  • Conrad, J.E., Prouty, N.G., Walton, M.A.L., Kluesner, J.W., Maier, K.L., McGann, M.L., Brothers, D.S., Roland, E.C., and Dartnell, P., 2017, Seafloor fluid seeps on Kimki Ridge, offshore southern California—Links to active strike-slip faulting: Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, published online 2 November 2017. []

  • DeWitt, N.T., Stalk, C.A., Smith, C.G., Locker, S.D., Fredericks, J.J., McCloskey, T.A., and Wheaton, C.J., 2017, Single-beam bathymetry data collected in 2015 from Grand Bay, Alabama-Mississippi: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 1070. []

  • East, A., Harrison, L.R., Smith, D.P., Bond, R., Logan, J., Nicol, C., and Chow, K., 2017, River-channel topography, grain size, and turbidity records from the Carmel River, California, before, during, and after remove of San Clemente Dam, U.S. Geological Survey data release. []

  • East, Amy E., Jenkins, Kurt J., Happe, Patricia J., Bountry, Jennifer A., Beechie, Timothy J., Mastin, Mark C., Sankey, Joel B., and Randle, Timothy J., 2018, Reply to “Wolf-triggered trophic cascades and stream channel dynamics in Olympic National Park: a comment on East et al. (2016)”: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Early View published online 26 December 2017. []

  • Gartman, H., Hannington, M., Jamieson, J.W., Peterkin, B., Garbe-Schönberg, D., Findlay, A.J., Fuchs, S., and Kwasnitschka, T., 2017, Boiling-induced formation of colloidal gold in black smoker hydrothermal: Geology, v. 46, no. 1, p. 39–42. []

  • Geist, E.L., and Parsons, T., 2018, Determining on-fault earthquake magnitude distributions from integer programming: Computers & Geosciences, v. 111, p. 244–259. []

  • Gelfenbaum, Guy, Elias, Edwin, Stevens, Andrew W., 2017, Investigation of input reduction techniques for morphodynamic modeling of complex inlets with baroclinic forcing: Coastal Dynamics 2017, Helsingør, Denmark, Proceedings, June 12–16, 2017, p. 665–674. 

  • Gibbs, A.E., Richmond, B.M., Erikson, L.H., Jones, B.M., 2018, Long-term retreat of coastal permafrost bluffs, Barter Island, Alaska [abs.]: 5th European Conference on Permafrost, Chamoix-Mont Blanc, France, 23 June to 1 July, 2018.

  • Grezio, A., Babeyko, A., Baptista, M.A., Behrens, J., Costa, A., Davies, G., Geist, E.L., Glimsdal, S., González, F.I., Griffin, J., Harbitz, C.B., LeVeque, R.J., Lorito, S., Løvholt, F., Omira, R., Mueller, C., Paris, R., Parsons, T., Polet, J., Power, W., Selva, J., Sørensen, M.B., and Thio, H.K., 2017, Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Analysis—Multiple sources and global applications: Reviews of Geophysics, v. 55, no. 4, p. 1158–1198. []

  • Hegermiller, C.A., Rueda, A., Erikson, L.H., Barnard, P.L., Antolinez, J.A.A., and Mendez, F.J., 2017, Controls of multimodal waves conditions in a complex coastal setting: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 44, no. 24, p. 12,315–12,323. []

  • Hessing-Lewis, M., Rechsteiner, E.U., Hughes, B.B., Tinker, M.T., Monteith, Z.L., Olson, A.M., Henderson, M.M., and Watson, J.C., 2017, Ecosystem features determine seagrass community response to sea otter foraging: Marine Pollution Bulletin. []

  • Jorissen, F., Nardelli, M.P., Almogi-Labin, A., Barras, C., Bergamin, L., Bicchi, E., El Kateb, A., Ferraro, L., McGann, M.L., Morigi, C., Romano, E., Sabattini, A., Schweizer, M., and Spezzaferri, S., 2018, Developing FORAM-AMBI for biomonitoring in the Mediterranean—Species assignments to ecological categories: Marine Micropaleontology, published online 4 January 2018. []

  • Kyriakopoulos, C., Oglesby, D.D., Funning, G.J., and Ryan, K.J., 2017, Dynamic rupture modeling of the M7.2 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake—Comparison with a geodetic model: Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth, v. 122, no. 12, p. 10,263–10,279. []

  • Lacy, J.R., Allen, R.M., Foster-Martinez, M.R., Ferreira, J.C., and O'Neill, A.C., 2017, Hydrodynamic and sediment transport data from San Pablo Bay and China Camp marsh (northern San Francisco Bay), 2013-2016: U.S. Geological Survey data release. []

  • Lorenson, T.D., and Collett, T.S., 2017, National Gas Hydrate Program Expedition 01 offshore India; gas hydrate systems as revealed by hydrocarbon gases: Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology, published online 10 November 2017. []

  • Oberle, F.J.K., Richmond, B., Lorenson, T., and Swarzenski, P.W., 2018, Determine spatial distribution of methane in Arctic permafrost with an unmanned aerial system and an off-the-shelf methane sensor [abs]: 5th European Conference on Permafrost, Chamoix-Mont Blanc, France, 23 June to 1 July, 2018.

  • Passeri, D., Long, J.W., Plant, N.G., Bilskie, M.V., and Hagen, S.C., 2018, The influence of bed friction variability due to land cover on storm-driven barrier island morphodynamics: Coastal Engineering, v. 132, p. 82–94. []

  • Pearce, J.M., Flint, P.L., Atwood, T.C., Douglas, D.C., Adams, L.G., Johnson, H.E., Arthur, S.M., and Latty, C.J., 2018, Summary of wildlife-related research on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, 2002–17: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2018–1003, 36 p. []

  • Pearson, S.G., Storlazzi, C.D., van Dongeren, A.R., Tissier, M.F.S., and Reniers, A.J.H.M., 2017, A Bayesian-based system to assess wave-driven flooding hazards on coral reef-lined coasts: Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, v. 122, no. 12, p. 10,099–10,117. []

  • Pirtle, J.L., Shotwellb, S.K., Zimmermann, M., Reid, J.A., Golden, N., 2017, Habitat suitability models for groundfish in the Gulf of Alaska: Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography. []

  • Prouty, N.G., and Gallagher, Christopher, 2017, Olowalu chronology and geochemistry time-series, West Maui: U.S. Geological Survey data release, []

  • Ruppel, C.D., 2018, Gas hydrate in nature: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2017–3080. [ 10.3133/fs20173080]

  • Ruppel, C.D., 2018, The U.S. Geological Survey’s Gas Hydrates Project: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2017–3079. []

  • Stevens, A.W., Gelfenbaum, G., Warrick, J.A., Miller, I.M., and Weiner, H.M., 2017, Bathymetry, topography, and sediment grain-size data from the Elwha River delta, Washington: U.S. Geological Survey data release. []

  • Udevitz, M.S., Jay, C., Taylor, R., Fischbach, A., Beatty, W.S., and Noren, S.R., 2017, Forecasting consequences of changing sea ice availability for Pacific walruses: Ecosphere, v. 8. []

  • Wang, R.-Q., Herdman, L.M., Erikson, L., Barnard, P., Hummel, M., and Stacey, M.T., 2017, Interactions of estuarine shoreline infrastructure with multiscale sea level variability: Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans, v. 122, no. 12, p. 9962–9979. []