Recent Publications - September 2018

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List of USGS publications on coastal and marine research, published in September of 2018

This article is part of the September 2018 issue of the Sound Waves newsletter

  • Chu, S.N., Wang, Z.A., Gonneea, M., Kroeger, K.D., and Ganju, N.K., 2018, Deciphering the dynamics of inorganic carbon export from intertidal salt marshes using high-frequency measurements: Marine Chemistry []

  • DeWitt, N.T., Stalk, C.A., Flocks, J.G., Bernier, J.C., Kelso, K.W., Fredericks, J.J., and Tuten, T.M., 2018, Nearshore single-beam bathymetry data collected in 2015, Dauphin Island, Alabama: Data Series Report 1095 []

  • Forde, A.S., Smith, C.G., Zaremba, N.J., and McBride, E.C., 2018, Continuous resistivity profiling, electrical resistivity tomography and hydrologic data collected in 2017 from Indian River Lagoon, Florida: U.S. Geological Survey data release []

  • Gartman, A., and Hein, J., 2019, Mineralization at oceanic transform faults and fracture zones, in Joao C. Duarte ed., Transform plate boundaries and fracture zones, Elsevier, p. 105–118 []

  • Green, R.H., Lowe, R.J., and Buckley, M.L., 2018, Hydrodynamics of a tidally‐forced coral reef atoll: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans []

  • Kluesner, J., Brothers, D., Hart, P.E., Miller, N., and Hatcher, G., 2018, Practical approaches to maximizing the resolution of sparker seismic reflection data: Marine Geophysical Research []

  • Locker, S.D., Forde, A.S., and Smith, C.G., 2018, Subbottom and sidescan sonar data acquired in 2015 from Grand Bay, Mississippi and Alabama: U.S. Geological Survey data release []

  • Morgan, K.L.M., Snell, R.J., and Plant, N.G., 2018, iCoast - Did the coast change? Crowd-sourced coastal classifications for Hurricane Sandy: U.S. Geological Survey data release, []

  • Senechal, N., Coco, G., Plant, N.G., Bryan, K.R., Brown, J., and MacMahan, J., 2018, Field observations of alongshore runup variability under dissipative conditions in presence of a shoreline sandwave: Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans []

  • Takesue, R.K., and Storlazzi, C.D., 2019, Geochemical sourcing of runoff from a young volcanic watershed to an impacted coral reef in Pelekane Bay, Hawaii: Science of the Total Environment, v. 649, p. 353–363 []

  • Terrano, J.F., Smith, K.E.L., Pitchford, J., McIlwain, J., and Archer, M., 2018, Shoreline change analysis for the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Mississippi Alabama: 1848 to 2017: U.S. Geological Survey data release []

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