SEABOSS Survey in Long Island Sound

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Geological Sampling (videos, photos and sediment samples) in Long Island Sound on the newly stretched R/V Connecticut with scientist from USGS, UConn and Univ of New Haven

The objective of this survey is to collect video/still imagery and sediment samples in support of the Ecological Characterization and Sedimentary Texture components of LISMaRC’s portion of the Long Island Sound Habitat Mapping Initiative Phase II - Eastern Long Island Sound. This project is a collaboration of several agencies and institutions including Univ of Connecticut, Univ of New Haven, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, NOAA, LDEO, USGS. Sampling for this part of the project was done with the USGS's SEABed Observation and Sampling System (SEABOSS) aboard the newly stretched R/V Connecticut from Nov 28 to Dec 3, 2017.