Sneak a Peek: What more are researchers looking for in Martian caves?

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Bringing mysteries of the Martian Cave to life to aid human exploration.

Cave location map on Mars

The warm colors indicate that water ice in caves are stable and increasing in amount. The black area shows where cave ice is not stable. The astericks are locations of Atypical Pit Craters and the plus signs are cave locations.  Photo Credit: Tim Titus, Glen Cushing, and Kaj Williams. 

Researchers have a deep interest in the candidate caves that have been found on Mars. To date, over 1,000 caves have been identified and may be home to potential Martian human explorers of the future as protection from hazardous conditions such as high radiation, extreme temperatures, and dust storms. But what else piques the interest of researchers in these enigmatic Martian dwellings? Find out in The Proposed Mission Architecture and Technology for Robotic and Human Exploration of Martian Caves abstract for deep insight.