Sol 2591: Characterizing bedrock at Central Butte

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Curiosity is continuing her exploration of Central Butte, focusing on characterizing the lithology of ledge-forming rocks in this area. 


Instrument: NAV_LEFT_B from NASA's Mars rover Curiosity

This image was taken by Left Navigation Camera onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 2590 (2019-11-19 08:28:15 UTC).

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The Sol 2591 plan includes several ChemCam observations of “Ard Neakie” to assess a gray fractured zone, “Glen Doll” to characterize more typical bedrock adjacent to the fractured zone, and “Isle Ristol” to assess vertical changes in chemistry.  The plan involves a lot of contact science as well, including APXS and a MAHLI full suite on “Glen Doll” and “Ard Neakie,” and a DRT, MAHLI full suite and overnight APXS on “Muckle Flugga” to characterize the bedrock at this location.  The Geology theme group also planned a Mastcam mosaic of “Muckle Flugga” and documentation of the ChemCam targets.  The plan also includes typical DAN and REMS observations and a Navcam atmospheric movie.  I’m looking forward to seeing the results from all of the great contact science!


- By Lauren Edgar