Sols 2673-2675: Ongoing Analyses at Hutton

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Curiosity is parked at the “Hutton” drill site, just below the contact with the overlying Greenheugh pediment.  After a successful drill last week, the rover has been focused on ongoing analyses of the drill sample and further characterization of this site.  

Yesterday’s activities focused on the drop off of sample to CheMin and CheMin analysis, and today’s plan includes recharge, remote sensing, and SAM preconditioning to prepare for delivery of a portion of the drilled sample to SAM in the weekend plan.  

 Sol 2668 Image taken by Mastcam Camera

This image was taken by Mast Camera (Mastcam) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 2668 (2020-02-07 11:36:22 UTC).

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech 

Today we planned three sols because there is no uplink tomorrow.  The plan kicks off with a recharge sol and overnight SAM atmospheric observation.  The second sol includes a number of ChemCam observations to assess the chemistry of an interesting vein at “Dunbartonshire,” and float rocks that might be from the overlying pediment-capping unit.  We also planned an RMI mosaic of “Southern Uplands” to document sedimentary structures in a nearby cliff face.   The environmental monitoring theme group planned a Navcam observation to search for dust devils and a Mastcam tau observation to measure the optical depth of the atmosphere at sunset. Overnight, SAM will carry out preconditioning to prepare for sample delivery in the weekend plan.  The third sol includes additional ChemCam observations to characterize a vein and bedrock, and associated Mastcam documentation.  As the SOWG Chair today it was a fun and straightforward plan – I think the team is eager to find out the first results from CheMin and deliver some sample to SAM!

By Lauren Edgar