Sound Waves Newsletter - June 2018

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USGS hurricane response in 2017 helps prepare for 2018 season, and USGS researchers are ready; a special, USGS-led tsunami hazards issue of the journal Marine Geology receives award as one of the top three most-cited issues in 2016 and 2017; a USGS researcher visits South Korea to share expertise on offshore mapping; and more in this June 2018 issue of Sound Waves.

The stories in the June 2018 issue of Sound Waves  

Cover Story

USGS Hurricane Response Met Challenges in 2017, Prepares for 2018
No one has a crystal ball to foresee what will happen during the 2018 hurricane season that begins June 1, but NOAA forecasters say there’s a 75 percent chance this hurricane season will be at least as busy as a normal year, or busier.


Scientists in the USGS National Assessment of Coastal Change Hazards Project Ready for 2018 Hurricane Season
The 2018 hurricane season got an early start with sub-tropical storm Alberto forming on May 25.


Recent Fieldwork
USGS scientists visited 11 coastal and offshore locations while monitoring beaches, marshes, and offshore areas, and testing new equipment. Here’s a quick overview of some fieldwork by our researchers.


Most-Cited Award for Marine Geology Special Issue: “Tsunami Hazard along the U.S. Atlantic Coast”
This USGS-led special issue was published in 2009 and was among the journal’s three most-cited special issues in 2016 and 2017.

Staff and Center News

USGS Seafloor-Mapping Expert Visits Korea Institute of Geology and Mineral Industries (KIGAM) in South Korea
USGS research geologist Sam Johnson was invited visit to the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Industries to present USGS expertise on offshore mapping.

News Briefs

Highlighted Coastal and Marine Research News from Across the USGS


Recent Publications
List of USGS publications on coastal and marine research.


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