Sound Waves Newsletter - March 2018

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Learn about how polluted groundwater threatens coral reefs, what rocks from deep in the soutwestern Atlantic Ocean tell us about geologic history and mineral resources, why Florida is the perfect place to study regional-scale ocean acidification, and more in this March 2018 issue of Sound Waves.

The stories in the April-May 2018 issue of Sound Waves  

Cover Story

Polluted Groundwater Threatens Hawaiian Coral Reefs
According to a study by USGS scientists, polluted, low-pH groundwater discharging onto a shallow coral reef off Kahekili Beach Park in west Maui, Hawai‘i further increases seawater acidity and exposes corals to nitrate concentrations 50 times higher than normal.


Dredging Up Clues to the Geologic History and Mineral Resources of the Rio Grande Rise, Southwest Atlantic Ocean
USGS scientists focused on finding iron-manganese crusts, whose chemistry reveals how the ocean has changed throughout millennia. The crusts also contain valuable elements like cobalt, molybdenum, and the very rare metals tellurium and platinum, which make them of economic interest.

Recent Fieldwork
USGS scientists visited more than 10 coastal and offshore locations studying California wildfire contaminated river sediments, the offshore part of the Montecito debris flow, seafloor mining sediment plumes, and much more. We also had several expeditions cancelled by severe storms in the Northeast. Here’s a quick overview of some fieldwork by our researchers.

Staff and Center News

Fulbright Scholar Joins Coral Reef Project at Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center
Andrew Pomeroy is a coastal oceanographer and engineer from the Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre in Perth, where he has a joint appointment with the University of Western Australia and the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

News Briefs

Highlighted Coastal and Marine Research News from Across the USGS


Regional Acidification Trends in Florida Shellfish Estuaries
Florida provides a unique opportunity to evaluate changes in ocean acidification as related to geochemistry within estuaries at a regional scale, which includes two climatic zones: sub-tropical and tropical.

Recent Publications
List of USGS publications on coastal and marine research.


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