USGS-PSU Partnership (UPP)

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In June 2007, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and Portland State University (PSU) formally joined together into a partnership working toward collaborative research, education, and outreach.

sediment sample

Measuring sediment accumulation downstream of Fall Creek Reservoir (Credit: Mackenzie Keith, USGS).

Although there had been a great deal of interaction between USGS and PSU in the past, the formal partnership established in 2007 helped solidify new collaborative research opportunities that further explored water supply, water quality, hydrologic hazards, and biological resources across the state of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Along with site and basin studies, this collaboration also included scientific investigations that worked to improve the “state of the science” by furthering the understanding of the hydrologic, geologic, and biological processes affecting our planet. 

An additional benefit of this program, referred to as the USGS-PSU Partnership (UPP) is the opportunity for student and workforce development between the two organizations. The partnership creates a variety of opportunities for students to work, volunteer and participate in joint research activities at USGS that enrich their academic experience and build skills that will serve them professionally after graduation.

This partnership is enhanced by the co-location of USGS on the PSU campus and guided by a work group composed of USGS and PSU researchers and staff that provides oversight, guidance, and planning. In early 2019, the group added staff members from PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions to provide professional project and partnership management support. This was part of an effort to reboot the partnership, create clearer pathways for researchers and students to participate, foster better connections between PSU and USGS researchers, and maximize the value to all partners.


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Joint Seminars

USGS - NSF Graduate Student Internships:

  • Funded internship opportunities are also available for graduate students who hold a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship or are supported by an NSF grant to their academic advisor. These supplemental grants are designed to expose graduate students to the federal science workplace, provide career mentoring, and provide the opportunity to supplement their existing research by working with the USGS. More information, including deadlines, can be found on the USGS Graduate Research Opportunities (GRO) website.
Little Wolf Creek

Geomorphic and lamprey survey reach along Little Wolf Creek of the Umpqua River Basin (Credit: Krista Jones, USGS).