USGS scientists host National Science Foundation undergraduate students from Mote Marine Laboratory

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Several undergraduate students who were awarded internships at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida, will visit the Saint Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center.

Since their internship research is often focused on topics in biological oceanography, in addition to touring the facility, the students will learn about USGS research in coastal geology and the tools used to do that research. SPCMSC scientist Jennifer Miselis (Research Geologist) will host the students and provide an overview of coastal geological research. The SPCMSC Marine Operations group will stage equipment and vessels so the students can learn how geophysical data are acquired. Noreen Buster (Geologist) will provide an overview of sediment sampling and coring capabilities in the core laboratory. Finally, a panel comprised of Xan Fredericks (Cartographer/Lidar Coordinator), RC Mickey (Oceanographer), and Caitlin Reynolds (Geologist) will answer questions from the students regarding their career paths, USGS research, and what it's like to be a career scientist.