Volcano Watch - Molokini erupted about 230,000 years ago

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Eruptive activity of Kilauea Volcano continued unabated at the Pu`u `O`o vent during the past week and provided participants and viewers of the JASON television program with spectacular surface flow activity on Pulama pali and on the coastal flats.

HVO researchers and associates had a major role in nearly all of the 55 live broadcasts to schoolchildren throughout the United States, but the lava flow activity was the main attraction. Flows are active near the eastern boundary of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park adjacent to the Royal Gardens subdivision. Lava is pooling in the coastal flats and not entering the ocean at this time. The closest flow is 1.5 km (1 mi) away from the sea coast. One earthquake was reported felt during the week ending on February 8. A resident of Volcano village felt an earthquake at 33 minutes after midnight on February 7. The magnitude-3.0 earthquake was located 28 km (16.8 mi) beneath Volcano village.