Lunar Legacy at the USGS Astrogeology Science Center

Grover Photo Collection

Grover Photo Collection

View the online collection of historic photos of the grover. 

Grover Collection

Astrogeology's First Published Lunar Map


Learn about the space race and what went into producing the first lunar map.

First Lunar Map

Pioneers of Astrogeology

Pioneers of Astrogeology

Learn about the founding members of Astrogeology.

Meet the Pioneers

Science Center Objects

Click on the links below to explore USGS Astrogeology Center's involvement in the Apollo program and lunar legacy:

Apollo Panoramas
Check out the panoramic photos created from digitized photographs collected during the Apollo missions.
Moon Apollo Anaglyphs
View 3D images of Apollo mission photos with red-blue or red-green glasses.
Traverse Maps
Explore the traverse maps from each Apollo mission. These maps indicate the paths traveled during the mission by the astronauts.
Lunar Orbiter Digitization
Read about the Lunar Orbiter Project and view the products produced with them.
Learn about the pioneers of Astrogeology and key figures that helped during the Apollo missions.
Grover Photo Collection
See historical photos of astronauts training with Grover, the geologic rover, instrumental in training the astronauts for the Apollo space missions. You can see Grover in person at the Astrogeology Science Center in Flagstaff, AZ, during regular business hours.
Apollo Era Video Collection
Watch and search historic RPIF archived footage from the Apollo era.
USGS Astrogeology's First Published Lunar Map
Find out about the first lunar map produced and details of the Moon race competition.