Guidance and Instructions for the Preparation of Data Furnished to the USGS for Review and Publication

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The annual review by USGS personnel of furnished records is designed to ensure that furnished records are collected in accordance with USGS standards. Furnished records are provided to the USGS by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensees and other cooperating agencies as a method for reviewing and quality assuring their records so that the data are collected using methods that result in data that have an accuracy comparable to the data collected by the USGS.

The purpose of this web page is to make training information and guidelines for the preparation of furnished records available to hydrographers, administrators, resource managers, and the general public. Documents and links to technical manuals and memoranda that define data collection, data processing, and quality assurance standards for stage and streamflow collected in USGS Water Programs are provided. Links to the approved data that FERC licensees and other cooperators have furnished to USGS are also included.

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