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Maps are an integral part of water-science activities and the Caribbean Florida Water Science Center utilizes and produces maps for all types of hydrologic projects and in information dissemination. Maps are also helpful for providing the user with a geographical reference to our water information. 

The National Map - Data Delivery

This site provides applications and web map services for accessing ‘Topographic Information for the Nation’.  This information includes topographic maps, and GIS data for:  elevation;  hydrography;  watersheds;  geographic names; orthoimagery;  governmental units/boundaries; transportation; and land cover. Find out more


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Map of Florida


Free Topographic map for Florida

USGS maps are the 1:24,000-scale topographic maps, also known as 7.5-minute quadrangles. From approximately 1947 to 1992, more than 55,000 7.5-minute maps were made to cover the 48 conterminous states. 







Map of Puerto  Rico



Free Topographic Map for Puerto Rico

Similar maps at varying scales were produced during the same time period for Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories. The 7.5-minute series was declared complete in 1992, and at that time was the only uniform map series that covered the United States in considerable detail.






Geologic Map for Puerto Rico



Geology of Puerto Rico

Geologic units and faults from USGS Open File Report 98-38, concerning assessment of the mineral resources of Puerto Rico.