Development of a web-based tool for coastal water resources management

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The sustainability of coastal water resources is being affected by climate change, sea level rise, and modifications to land use and hydrologic systems. To prepare for and respond to these drivers of hydrologic change, coastal water managers need real-time data, an understanding of temporal trends, and information about how current and historical data compare. Coastal water managers often must ...

The sustainability of coastal water resources is being affected by climate change, sea level rise, and modifications to land use and hydrologic systems. To prepare for and respond to these drivers of hydrologic change, coastal water managers need real-time data, an understanding of temporal trends, and information about how current and historical data compare. Coastal water managers often must make decisions based on information pieced together from multiple sources because the available data and tools are scattered across various databases and websites; to aid coastal water managers, a website that consolidates data from multiple organizations and provides statistical analysis of hydrologic and water quality data is needed. Thus, we propose to develop a prototype website that will merge and expand on two existing USGS websites and host a variety of data, analysis tools, and visualizations relevant to coastal water resources management.