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Date published: November 8, 2018
Status: Active

Williston Basin Oil and Gas Assessments

The U.S. Geological Survey completed the following assessments of conventional and continuous oil and gas resources of the Devonian Three Forks Formation and Devonian and Mississippian Bakken Formation in the Williston Basin Province 5031 of North Dakota, Montana, and South Dakota.

Date published: November 6, 2018
Status: Active

Integrated Uranium Resource and Environmental Assessment

The US Geological Survey has assembled a small group of scientists who are assessing the uranium resource potential of the United States.  Uranium is used to fuel the 98 operable nuclear reactors in the United States, providing 20% of the nation’s electricity. More than 95% of this uranium is imported, and the rest is produced from uranium mines in Wyoming, Nebraska and Texas and a uranium...

Contacts: Susan M Hall
Date published: November 2, 2018
Status: Active

Gas Hydrates

Central Energy Resources Science Center - Gas Hydrates Project Page

Date published: November 1, 2018
Status: Active

Permian Basin Oil and Gas Assessments

The USGS has conducted several assessments of undiscovered oil and gas in formations in the Permian Basin of western Texas.  This inlcudes the following.

Date published: August 28, 2018
Status: Active

Alaska Petroleum Systems

The Alaska Petroleum Systems project has three main objectives:

(A) conduct research that increases our understanding of Alaska petroleum systems,
(B) conduct assessments of undiscovered oil and gas resources, and
(C) deliver energy-resource information to land and resource managers, policy makers, and the public.

Date published: August 9, 2018
Status: Active

Gulf Coast Petroleum Systems Project - Assessments

This site highlights the assessments of the Gulf Coast Petroleum Systems Project.   Scientifically robust assessments of undiscovered, technically recoverable hydrocarbon resources are published in a variety of USGS publications.  This project also conducts research on the processes that impact the formation, accumulation, occurrence and alteration of hydrocarbon energy resources. The Gulf...

Date published: July 19, 2018
Status: Active

Appalachian Basin Oil and Gas Assessments

The USGS has conducted numerous assessments of undiscovered oil and gas in the Appalachian Basin, including studies of the Marcellus Shale. The region extends from Alabama to Maine. The following is an overview of the assessments.

    Date published: May 24, 2012
    Status: Completed

    Successful Test of Gas Hydrate Production Test Well Ignik Sikumi on Alaska's North Slope

    On May 2, 2012 the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the completion of the field testing phase of the Ignik Sikumi gas hydrate production test well project on the North Slope of Alaska. The USGS participated in many phases of this work, including originally identifying the test site, which was based on almost 30 years of USGS geologic studies on gas hydrates in northern Alaska.

    Date published: May 22, 2012
    Status: Completed

    Korean National Gas Hydrate Program, Second Ulleung Basin Gas Hydrate Drilling Expedition

    As a part of Korean National Gas Hydrate Program, the Second Ulleung Basin Gas Hydrate Drilling Expedition (UBGH2) was successfully performed by using the D/V Fugro Synergy to establish 13 research drill sites in the period of time from July 8 to September 30, 2010. The first leg of this expedition focused on logging-while-drilling operations, while the second leg focused on both conventional...

    Date published: February 5, 2010
    Status: Completed

    The Mallik Research Consortium

    The Mallik Research Consortium drilled three test wells in Canada’s Mackenzie Delta, and the results of this international cooperative effort, demonstrating the producibility of this energy resource, were published in 2005. 

    Date published: December 1, 2009
    Status: Completed

    AAPG Memoir 89: Natural Gas Hydrates

    USGS Contribution to AAPG Memoir on Gas Hydrates: In the December of 2009, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) published a comprehensive treatise on the geology of gas hydrates which is entitled Natural Gas Hydrates – Energy Resource Potential and Associated Hazards.