Webinar: Geo Data Portal: Translating Climate Data for Geographic Analysis

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Landscape studies of climate change impacts often require a large range of data products and processing. The Geo Data Portal (GDP) was developed with support from the NCCWSC in response to the wide practice in environmental modeling of accessing and processing climate model data.  The GDP platform assists scientists and resource managers in accessing and using downscaled climate projections and other modeling resources. The GDP provides easily downloadable calculations and information for various regions, climate factors, and time periods of interest.  These capabilities will be described during this webinar, along with future plans for disseminating other relevant data products across the NCCWSC and Climate Science Center network.

Research support from: Southeast Climate Adaptation Science Center

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Transcript - Booth/Terando 08/29/2012

Learn more about this project here and find the Geo Data Portal here.