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The North American mammal collection contains roughly 300,000 specimens and has grown little over the past 15 years. Geographic representation is excellent for most areas of North and Central America; the arid regions of the southwestern United States are particularly well represented. The standard preparation is the skin and skull of which there are about 190,000 specimens. Other major holdings include 7,000 skeletons, 47,000 fluid specimens, and 3,000 tanned skins. There are 2,051 North American holotypes in the type collection, which totals 3,195 specimens. Ancillary collections of baculae, glandes, brains, karyotype slides, and photographs are small. A North American systematic geographic card file is retained but no longer updated. Instead, a nearly completed electronic database provides specimen records for 100% of the collection, although 20% of the records for fluid-preserved specimens are incomplete.