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Year Published: 1981

Permian and Triassic rocks near Quinn River Crossing, Humboldt County, Nevada

Permian and Triassic rocks near Quinn River Crossing, Humboldt County, Nevada, consist of four structural blocks: (1) a Lower Permian volcanic block; (2) a Permian(?) chert-arenite block; (3) a Lower Permian limestone block; and (4) a Permian and Triassic block. The contacts between the Permian volcanic block and the others are interpreted as...

Ketner, Keith B.; Wardlaw, Bruce R.

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Year Published: 1979

A late Wisconsinan ice readvance near Manchester, New Hampshire

No abstract available.

Stone, Byron D.; Koteff, Carl

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Year Published: 1978

Range charts and no-space graphs

No-space graphs present one solution to the familiar problem: given data on the occurrence of fossil taxa in separate, well-sampled sections, determine a range chart; that is, a reasonable working hypothesis of the total range in the area in question of each taxon studied. The solution presented here treats only the relative sequence of...

Edwards, Lucy E.

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Year Published: 1978

The use of a paired comparison model in ordering stratigraphic events

Data from lowest and highest occurrence events in several stratigraphic sections are analyzed by means of a paired comparison model with ties. The model produces an estimated relative geochronological ordering of these events. This ordering must be compared with actual observations for revision and interpretation. 

Edwards, Lucy E.; Beaver, R.J.
The use of a paired comparison model in ordering stratigraphic events; 1978; Article; Journal; Journal of the International Association for Mathematical Geology; Edwards, L. E.; Beaver, R. J.

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Year Published: 1976

Analysis of slump slip lines and deformation fabric in slumped Pleistocene lake beds

Slumped glacial delta sands and silts exhibit flexural slip folds and low-angle thrust faults where the beds remained coherent during slump deformation. Alternating cross-cutting relationships between f (sub l ) and f (sub r ) fold axial planes indicate that these fold groups are conjugate sets, related to the same slump movement. Analysis of...

Stone, Byron D.

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Year Published: 1971

Origin and emplacement of the ultramafic rocks of the Emigrant Gap area, California

The ultramafic bodies of the Emigrant Gap area are part of a mafic complex within a large composite pluton of the northern Sierra Nevada. The pluton was magmatically emplaced and is surrounded by an aureole of hornblende-hornfels facies rocks. Inclusions of country rock in ultramafic rock are of pyroxene-hornfels facies and appear to have been...

James, O.B.