HDgov: Multi-agency Website for Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

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HDgov is an interactive and mobile-responsive online portal to interagency, academic, and non-government resources focused on the human dimensions of natural resource management. The web portal provides easy access to tools, publications, data, and methods that help ensure that the people side of natural resources is considered throughout the entire natural resource management process. The resources throughout the site are submitted by and collected from various government agencies, academic institutions, and non-government entities.

The goal of this effort is to assemble relevant materials on key natural resource topics in a single location for increased sharing and utilization of research methods, data sets, and scientific findings. In addition to resources and publications, the portal provides direct access to job postings, trainings, and other opportunities available from our partner agencies and other HD organizations.

Users of HDgov include scientists, natural resource managers, students, professors and lecturers, and the public. The web portal is used by these individuals for access to current reference materials and publications, policy and project support, research tools, and interagency collaboration opportunities. Members of the HD community are also able to submit materials to the content manager for publication to HDgov.

To join the HDgov community, agencies, institutions, nonprofits and work groups have the opportunity to partner with HDgov to create team pages on the site. The team pages are highly customized portions of HDgov where an organization, agency, institution, nonprofit, or work group can post content to a secure site. Access to the team page content can be expanded to the greater HDgov community and the public or limited to members of user groups within HDgov. Team pages are a great way for an organization to create their own HD website while simultaneously being able to draw from a wealth of HD resources already on the site.