Information Architecture

Science Center Objects

True data integration across many databases and projects requires new thinking about the design of data collection and distribution applications. Working with multiple USGS partners, the Information Science Branch researched and designed a new approach to software development and deployment that maintains function-based containers connected by web services. This component approach provides significantly greater flexibility, reuse, and security than traditional applications development designs.

The Information Science Branch developed a set of performance, security, and resiliency models to evaluate information architectures optimized for cloud hosting solutions. The resultant Information Science Virtual Private Cloud (IS_VPC) architecture uses a container-based IT design pattern that efficiently captures, processes, integrates, and distributes data from many different information sources while maintaining a significant amount of flexibility. A number of replicated and scalable containers are managed and secured by a gatekeeper application, with step-by-step data processing captured in a provenance repository. The user accesses information streams through lightweight web portal applications that hide the underlying data integration framework complexity.