Surveys of Landsat Users

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Social scientists at the Fort Collins Science Center have conducted the following three surveys that identify the users of Landsat imagery, describe the variety of applications it’s used for, and gauge the value of the data.

  • 2009 Survey - The first online survey of nearly 2,500 moderate-resolution imagery (MRI) users focused on:
    • Reaching a breadth of users and uses across all sectors
    • Understanding the impacts of the free and open data policy


  • 2012 Survey - The second survey sampled more than 11,000 Landsat users registered with EROS and successfully:
    • Identified users who had started using the imagery after it became freely available in 2008
    • Compared these new users to established users in how they valued and used Landsat imagery
    • Discovered more about international users of Landsat imagery


  • 2014 Survey - The third survey used a sampling pool and list of questions similar to the 2012 survey, but expanded by:
    • Focusing on the impact of the launch of Landsat 8
    • Providing international feedback on the impact of Landsat 8 imagery