Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Biology Team (FRESC)

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Wildlife respond to changes in their environment, some of which are dramatic and others subtle. To fully understand the factors that drive changes in populations and communities, we need better information on wildlife ecology in natural and human-altered landscapes. We conduct research and provide technical assistance to address applied questions about the ecology and conservation of wildlife species, populations, communities, and habitats. We study a wide range of ecosystems, from streams and ponds to forests and shrublands, in the Intermountain West and Great Basin.

Our work is organized into several major themes, including restoration, monitoring and evaluation, habitat relationships, invasive species, species life histories, ecosystem processes, and wildfire.

Principal Investigator

David Pilliod - Supervisory Research Ecologist

Federal Staff

Robert Arkle - Ecologist

Matthew Laramie - Ecologist

Justin Welty - Ecologist

Brittany Barker - Ecologist

Calene Thomas - Ecologist

Michelle Jeffries - Ecologist


Blair Boyt - Volunteer