Science Center Objects

The Geology, Geophysics, and Geochemistry Science Center has several laboratories, ranging from geophysics to geochemistry to spectroscopy to scanning electron microscopes. 



Center Laboratories

Laboratory spectroscopy measurement of a fiberous amphibole

Spectrometer fiber-optic probe analysis of fibrous amphibole studing the difference between fibrous and non-fibrous varieties of amphibole and other minerals.

(Public domain.)

While some of our laboratories work with external collaborators in other federal and state agencies, academia, and industry, each individual laboratory determines their collaborators.

sample storage

USGS National Geochemical Sample Archive in Denver, Colorado.

(Public domain.)

JEOL Microprobe

20+ year old microprobe, used to collect chemical data of geologic samples.
(Credit: Renee Pillers, USGS. Public domain.)