The Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative- Facilitating Regional Phragmites Management

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Addressing a large-scale regional issue such as controlling a persistent invasive plant like Phragmites requires broad cross-sector coordination. Little progress is made and cost efficiencies are reduced when each entity works independently.  The highly successful Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative builds collaboration and facilitates communication on a regional level with a common agenda and goals to maximize impact and investment using an adaptive management approach. The Collaborative promotes network building among managers, governmental agencies, private landowners and scientists and serves as a resource center for information on Phragmites management and research. The Collaborative is also developing the Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework. This framework will help change the way Phragmites management is done throughout the Great Lakes basin and lead to approaches that maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of Phragmites management. Great Lakes Phragmites 

Since its formation in 2012, the Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative (GLPC) has served as a communication hub via an interactive website, a webinar series, a listserv, and social media to facilitate access to information and resources . The GLPC has a steering committee, advisory committee, and working groups of professionals organized by topic (management, research, communication, etc.) who are guiding the development of products and projects. These products include the Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework, a citizen-science tool developed over the past two years by the GLPC in order to provide the ability for land managers in the Great Lakes basin to easily benefit from Phragmites adaptive management.

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