Supporting Lake Partnerships

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USGS supports Federal, State, and local and Tribal partner agencies with implementing aspects of Great Lakes Lakewide Action and Management Plan (LAMP) goals involving restoration and protection of the Great Lakes. This support includes coordination with Tribal natural-resources departments, USEPA, and other Federal, State, and local agencies. USGS scientists and managers participate in various Lake Partnership management teams and workgroups to support strategic, science-based decisions to meet the needs of the Great Lakes management community.

Please visit each lake's Action Management Plan below to learn more!

Phytoplankton bloom in Lake Ontario

Learn more about Lake Ontario Lakewide Action Management Plan. (Credit: Jeff Schmaltz, NASA/GSFC/MODIS Land Rapid Response Team. Public domain.)

Image: Lake Michigan Sand Waves

Learn more about Lake Michigan Lakewide Action Management Plan. Calm sandwaves in Lake Michigan. (Credit: Gael Kurath, U.S. Geological Survey. Public domain.)

Lake Erie green waters at the Beach with Buoy marking swim area

Learn more about Lake Erie Lakewide Action Management Plan. Lake Erie green waters at the Beach with Buoy marking swim area(Public domain.)

Lake Huron, Manitoulin Island

Learn more about Lake Huron Lakewide Action Management Plan. Lake Huron's Manitoulin Island is the largest lake island in the world.(Public domain.)

Iceberg on Lake Superior

Learn more about Lake Superior Lakewide Action Management Plan.House size iceberg on Lake Superior.​​​​​​​(Credit: Mark Vinson, USGS-GLSC. Public domain.)