Mapping Application for the Lower Maumee River (MALMR)

Science Center Objects

The Mapping Application for the Lower Maumee River (MALMR) is intended to support science-based decision making regarding habitat restoration at various scales in the lower Maumee River and surrounding region. 

By delineating current habitat conditions in the lower Maumee River and providing interactive access to spatial aquatic information, the MALMR: 1) informs ongoing restoration discussions within the Maumee Area of Concern (AOC) program, 2) offers a common platform to support discussion across a network of stakeholders, 3) provides a template for other areas of restoration activity across the Great Lakes ecosystem, and 4) provides data to address scientific questions in academic settings. 

The MALMR includes the following components: 

  1. GeoNarrative, which introduces the MALMR in detail and provides interaction with its various underlying spatial information; 
  2. Mapping Application depicting topographic (terrestrial) and bathymetric (aquatic) settings, current land cover/use, river bed substrate, and brownfields; 
  3. An interactive Data Exploration Application of lake-river mixing and the hydrologic​​​, meteorological, and aquatic environmental conditions during actual mixing events. 

These components depict many of the prominent forces driving habitat conditions for fish and wildlife in the lower Maumee and surrounding area. The MALMR relates these seemingly disparate forces in a unified decision-support tool in order to help assess cost, benefits, and trade-offs regarding ecological restoration and community revitalization.