Interagency Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity

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In fall of 2018, USGS and NASA launched an interagency postdoctoral fellowship. This jointly-funded pilot program will bring researchers to Silicon Valley to explore the application of cutting edge science and technology to some of our Nation's biggest challenges.


We are partnering because we believe that progress on the daunting challenges facing our nation requires an orbit-to-core approach. This effort is being led by the USGS National Innovation Center (NIC) and NASA’s Ames Research Center. 

USGS Land Imaging, Energy and Minerals Programs and the Water Mission Area are matching support provided by NASA and NGA Silicon Valley for the first cohort of fellows. The new program is administered by the Office of Science Quality and Integrity. For more information, or to support additional opportunities, please contact the USGS NIC Director Jonathan Stock ( or NASA Ames Research Center’s liaison, Ian Brosnan (

RO # Research Opportunity Title Proposed Duty Station Research Advisor(s) Apply Here
S001 Water from Orbit: Verified AI tools for detecting water resource changes from orbit Moffett Field, CA Jack Eggleston (USGS), Terry Fong (NASA), Brian Coltin(NASA), Benjamin Tuttle (NGA), Robert Simmon (Planet) Offers accepted
S002 Hyperspectral Data Products for Ecosystem Science and Natural Resource Management Moffett Field, CA Kristin Byrd (USGS), Rama Nemani (NASA) Offers accepted
S003 The Regional Carbon Cycle Assessment and Processes 2 (RECCAP-2) – a multi-greenhouse gas accounting activity Moffet Field/Menlo Park, CA Lisamarie Windham-Myers (USGS), Benjamin Poulter (NASA), Anna Michalak (Stanford) Coming soon