OGRL Algal Toxins Methods of Analysis

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Algal toxins are a group of toxic compounds produced by a range of photosynthetic freshwater and marine plankton. These toxins have the ability to cause sickness in animals and humans and in severe cases lead to death. OGRL has the ability to evaluate and conduct occurrence, fate, transport, effects, and treatability studies methods.

Algal Toxins:
  • Sample collection requirements: 1-8 oz (250mL) or 1-16 oz (500mL) HDPE with polypropylene closure bottles per sample.
    • When submitting samples for total analysis (IMNT, IMYT, and IMXT) only fill bottles half-way to ensure that they do not break when frozen.
  • Instrumentation: ELISA or Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry
  • ELISA results uploaded to QWDX upon request.
Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) for Algal Toxins.    
Compound NameReporting LimitParameter CodeMethod CodeCAS #
Total microcystin/nodularians (IMNT)+0.10 µg/L89011IMM06101043-37-2
Dissolved microcystin/nodularians (IMND)+0.10 µg/L89012IMM07101043-37-2
Total saxitoxin (IMXT)+0.02 µg/L89003IMM0835523-89-8
Dissolved saxitoxin (IMXD)+0.02 µg/L89004IMM0935523-89-8
Total cylindrospermopsin (IMYT)+0.05 µg/L89005IMM10143545-90-8
Dissolved cylindrospermopsin (IMYD)+0.05 µg/L89006IMM11143545-90-8
Algal Toxin Analysis by LC/MS (LCTX)    
Compound NameReporting Limit  CAS #
Anatoxin-a (ANTA)   64285-06-9
Cylindrospermopsin (CYLS)   143545-90-8
Domoic Acid (DMAC)   14277-97-5
Lyngbyatoxin-a (LYGA)   70497-14-2
Microcystin LA (MCLA)   96180-79-9
Microcystin LF (MCLF)   154037-70-4
Microcystin LR (MCLR)   101043-37-2
Microcystin LW (MCLW)   111755-37-4
Microcystin LY (MCLY)   123304-10-9
Microcystin RR (MCRR)   111755-37-4
Microcystin YR (MCYR)   101043-37-2
Nodularin R (NDLR)   118399-22-7
Okadaic Acid (OKAC)   78111-17-8