MD-DE-DC WSC Laboratory Capabilities

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The labs at the MD-DE-DC WSC are clean, well-stocked, and appointed with modern equipment and a highly talented staff.  The three labs analyze samples, conduct controlled-environment chemical tests with GCMS in the Water Qualty lab. Scientists and technicians work with core samples and analyze soils in the Sediment Lab.

Our labs assure reliability, reproducibility, and high quality of its data and information through adherence to USGS Fundamental Science Practices for publications. The use of comprehensive internal and external QA/QC processes to monitor method and analyst performance insure that our labs meet their commitment to publish high quality data of known and documented quality. External, independent oversight is provided by the USGS Branch of Quality Services as our labs are inspected by USGS qualified safety professionals.

There will be a lot more information specific to the labs at the MD-DE-DC WSC coming to this site very soon!