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Our projects alphabetically listed by completion status.

Active Projects 

Arsenic Variability in Water-Supply Wells
Assessment of Hydrologic and Water-Quality Changes in Shallow Groundwater Beneath a Coastal Neighborhood Being Converted from Septic Systems to Municipal Sewers
Assessment of Nutrient Transport and Discharge to Coastal Embayments, Wickford, Rhode Island
A Statewide Hydraulic Modeling Tool for Stream Crossing Projects in Massachusetts

Base-Flow Water Quality Sampling in Small Basins Draining to Long Island Sound

Characterizing Future Climate and Hydrology in Massachusetts using Stochastic Modeling Methods

Characterizing Future Flood Flows for Flood Insurance Studies

Chloride Data for Streams in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island

Developing Synthetic Historical Record at Groundwater Wells Using Record Extension Techniques

Development of Flood Insurance Maps in New England
Development of a Regional-Scale Model to Simulate Groundwater Flow and Nitrogen Loading in Watersheds Along the Connecticut Coast of Long Island Sound
Development of a Water Quality Monitoring Strategy for Mount Hope Bay and the Taunton River Estuary, Massachusetts

Effects of Sea-Level Rise and Climate Change on the Groundwater-Flow System of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

Embayment Monitoring to Support Nutrient Management Activities in Connecticut for the Long Island Sound

Environmental streamflows in the United States: historical patterns and predictions

Evaluation of Lakes and Impoundments Drought Index for the Massachusetts Drought Management Plan

Groundwater and Surface-Water Monitoring in the Mill Creek Watershed, Wellfleet and Truro, Massachusetts

Hydrologic Monitoring in the Three Bays Watershed in Support of Nutrient Management Activities, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

IJC Lake Champlain and the Richelieu River Project

Long-Term Data Collection Provides Insight to Changes in Water Resources in New England

Measurement and Modeling of Nitrogen Discharge to Cape Cod Rivers to Identify High-Priority Nitrogen Reduction Areas

New England Drought Information

New England Flood Information

New England Lidar-Derived Hydrography Project

Nutrient Loads from the Upper Connecticut River Watershed

Predictive Analysis of Water Demand for Providence, Rhode Island

Regional Regression Equations for Estimating Selected Low-flow Statistics at Ungaged Stream Sites in Massachusetts

Research on Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the New England Water Science Center

Satellite-based Remote Sensing of River Discharge
SELDM: Stochastic Empirical Loading and Dilution Model - Project Page
Sleepers River Research Watershed
Study to Test a Novel Shallow Well Design that May Provide Contaminant-Free Water Supply to Domestic Well Users in Arsenic-Prone Parts of the United States
Surface Water Quality Monitoring in Connecticut
Surface Water Quality Monitoring in Rhode Island
The Influence of Climatic and Land Use Changes on Extreme Streamflows in the U.S.
The Purge Analyzer Tool (PAT) to Assess Optimal Pumping Parameters in the Collection of Representative Groundwater Samples from Wells
Transportation-Related Water Projects in New England
Trend Reproduction
Water Quality Data Collection to Support Aluminum Criteria Development in Massachusetts
Water Quality Monitoring in the Cambridge Drinking-Water Source Area, Massachusetts

Water Quality Monitoring in the Scituate Reservoir Drainage Area, Rhode Island

Water Quality Monitoring of Merrimack River Watershed

Water Quality Sampling in the Major Tributaries of the Long Island Sound

Completed Projects                                                    

Assessment of Potential Effects of Water-Supply Withdrawals on Groundwater Levels near the Hyannis Ponds Complex, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Characterization of Water Quality in the Sakonnet River, Rhode Island, 2018-19
Connecticut Water Use
Development of Regional Regression Equations in Connecticut
Development of Regional Regression Equations to Estimate the Magnitude of Peak Flows for Selected Annual-Exceedance Probabilities in Maine
Development of Streamflow Record Extension Equations in New Hampshire
EPA National Low Flows
Estimation of Daily Streamflow and Water Availability in the Massachusetts Sustainable-Yield Estimator, Version 2.0
FHWA 1990 "Driscoll" Model Pollutant Loadings and Impacts from Highway Stormwater Runoff

Flood Documentation and Inundation Mapping of the January and March 2018 Nor’easters in Coastal Massachusetts

Flow Modeling at Dam Removal Sites Associated with Hurricane Sandy Resiliency Efforts
Geospatial Dataset of Wells and Attributes in the New England Groundwater Level Network, 2017
Herring River Water Quality
Hydrologic Site Assessment for Passive Treatment of Groundwater Nitrogen with Permeable Reactive Barriers, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Maine Water Use
Mapping and Characterizing the Arsenic Hazard in Private Well Water Across the Nation
Massachusetts Water Use
Monitoring Merrimack River Mainstem and Tidal Reaches in Massachusetts to Evaluate Water Quality Conditions, May to September 2020
National Highway Runoff Water-Quality Data and Methodology Synthesis (NDAMS)

New England Drought, 2020

New England Water Use
New Hampshire Water Use
Nutrient and Sediment Load Reduction Estimates from Intensive Street Cleaning and Leaf Litter Removal Practices in Vermont
Preliminary Research into the Causes of Iron Fouling in Water at Roadway Construction Sites
Recharge Estimates for Maine: 25-year Average, Range, and Uncertainty, 1990-2015

Remembering Tropical Storm Irene in New England

Rhode Island Water Use
Stochastic Empirical Loading and Dilution Model (SELDM) Transportation Research Board Presentation
The Connecticut Streamflow and Sustainable Water Use Estimator: A Decision-Support Tool to Estimate Streamflow and Water Availability at Ungaged, User-Defined Stream Locations in Connecticut
Towards Understanding the Impact of Drought on the Arsenic Hazard for the Private Domestic Well Population in the United States
Updating a Method to Estimate Probable High Groundwater Levels in Massachusetts
USGS Publications on the Water Resources of Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts
Vermont Water Use
Water Quality Sampling and Monitoring of the Pawcatuck River Watershed