A message from Keith Robinson, Center Director

Welcome to the USGS New England Water Science Center!

Keith Robinson, New England WSC Director

The USGS was established by Congress in 1879 to provide the Nation with reliable and impartial information in order to understand the Nation's natural resources. This information is used to protect life and property from natural disasters, manage the Nation's natural resources, and protect the environment. The USGS is a scientific organization concerned with providing credible, relevant, impartial, and timely information to all.

Today, the USGS is known for its long-term and extensive data-collection networks, and research of water, mapping, biology and geology issues not only in New England, but throughout the Nation and in some cases the world. These efforts provide policy makers, managers, and scientists, and the general public with information needed to understand and make decisions about our natural resources.

The USGS New England Water Science Center primarily addresses water issues. These include understanding the amount of water in our rivers and groundwater aquifers, flooding, drought, surface- and groundwater quality, and the ecological health of our aquatic systems. We perform our work through  routine and long-term data collection, much of which has been collected continuously for 50 or more years.  We also conduct numerous short-term investigative studies that address specific hydrologic issues in the New England region.  But at the core of our work is both our need for nationally consistent data and our strong relationships with the New England states, other federal agencies, local and regional agencies, and academia so that we can always address the important hydrologic needs in New England.  Our unique cooperative studies allow USGS to bring the best science and data to these water concerns and issues.  

I hope you find relevant and valuable water information on our website.  I also hope that our information stimulates continuous critical thinking on how best we can understand our hydrologic systems, how we need to adapt to changing realities, and how in the end we can provide sustainable and clean water resources for ecosystems and society. The USGS New England Water Science Center and its talented staff, look forward to taking this journey with you all.