FEMA project - Franklin and Orleans counties in Vermont

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For the Franklin and Orleans Counties Risk MAP project, the USGS New England Water Science Center will develop new analyses of flood risk throughout both counties and will produce updated flood insurance rate maps (FIRMs) for all communities in the counties.

Discovery Meetings for Franklin and Orleans counties in Vermont were held on November 6 and 7, 2017. The scope for a flood risk project has been finalized. Summary documents are available for download below.

Discovery report

Surveyor brochure


Detailed study reaches in Franklin and Orleans Counties, Vermont

River Communities Limits of study Hydrologic model proposed Hydraulic model proposed Model rationale
Missisquoi River Swanton Village, Swanton Town, Highgate, Sheldon, Enosburgh, Enosburg Falls, Berkshire, and Richford, VT From effective limit of detailed study, Swanton, VT, to first international crossing, Richford, VT Streamgage statistics and regression equations HEC-RAS one-dimensional steady (with ice-jam analysis) USGS streamgages having at least 20 years of data are acceptable for hydrologic analyses. Regression equations are sufficient for the hydrologic analysis.

One-dimensional, steady-flow hydraulic models are used where flow is modeled as steady in time, one-dimensional, and generally gradually varied in space, and where channel slope is generally less than 10%.