The Purge Analyzer Tool (PAT) to Assess Optimal Pumping Parameters in the Collection of Representative Groundwater Samples from Wells

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The U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is developing analytical models to assess in-well groundwater flow conditions during the collection of groundwater samples from wells being pumped. This information can be used to inform groundwater samplers on when and how to collect samples that are most reflective of the targeted aquifer or hydrogeologiic unit. 

Methods: In addition to the development of an easy to use analytical VBA code embedded into a spreadsheet file, field data has been collected to help asses the capability of the PAT to simulate in-well groundwater flow. The field data includes the collection of well tracer data to confirm observed travel times in wells that can be compared to simulated travel times in the PAT. 

A new instructional manual is being developed to facilitate the use of PAT. Field application of the PAT will be demonstrated.