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New Jersey Current Water Conditions

New Jersey Current Water Conditions

Real-time New Jersey Streamflow, Groundwater, and Water-quality conditions available through the National Water Data Dashboard interactive map application.

Water Data Dashboard
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Date published: June 22, 2021


The U.S. Geological Survey WaterAlert service sends e-mail or text (SMS) messages when certain parameters, as measured by a USGS real-time data-collection station, exceed user-definable thresholds. The development and maintenance of the WaterAlert system is supported by the USGS and its partners, including numerous federal, state, and local agencies.

Date published: May 28, 2021

How We Monitor Stream Temperature in the Delaware River Basin

The USGS has been monitoring stream temperature in the Delaware River Basin since 1901, and has amassed over 650,000 daily temperature measurements. This data visualization story explores temporal and locational patterns in stream temperature observations, and how spatial variability and data gaps add complexity to prediction efforts.

Date published: February 8, 2021

Geospatial data representing wells open to, and 2013 potentiometric-surface contours of, the confined aquifers of the New Jersey Coastal Plain

"A study conducted by USGS in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, measured and evaluated water levels in 10 confined aquifers of the New Jersey Coastal Plain to provide a regional overview of groundwater conditions during the fall of 2013.

Date published: January 27, 2021

New Jersey Water Data Dashboard

The New Jersey Water Dashboard is a mobile, interactive tool that provides real-time information on real-time stream, lake and reservoir, precipitation, and groundwater data for sites across hte state using the National Water Dashboard (NWD) interface.

Date published: December 3, 2020

Water science and management in the Delaware River Basin (data visualization story)

The Delaware River supports thriving ecosystems and drinking water for 16 million people. How water is shared, and the quality of that water, has been the focus of decades of inter-state discussion, negotiation, and research. This data visualization story uses streamflow, salinity, and temperature to show how new USGS science and monitoring can inform water management in this age of...

Date published: November 24, 2020

New Jersey Coastal Plain Water-Table

The series of surficial aquifer studies were completed to evaluate the unconfined aquifer system of the NJ Coastal Plain for use as a potential source of water. As the demand for water in the State increases and the restrictions continue on the use of water from certain confined aquifers, withdrawals on the unconfined aquifer system are expected to increase.

Date published: November 24, 2020

National Water Information System (NWIS) Mapper - New Jersey

National Water Information System Web Mapper (NWISWeb Mapper) Provides access to water-resources data collected throughout the state of New Jersey as presented in the form of an interactive map.

Date published: November 24, 2020

New Jersey Flood Inundation Mapper

The USGS Flood Inundation Mapping Program (FIM) partners with local communities and other government agencies to develop and validate flood inundation map libraries. Click the title above to visit the USGS FIM website and learn more about available tools. Completed projects are collected on the USGS National Flood Inundation Mapper,...

Date published: August 28, 2020

Daily-timestep and monthly-timestep estimates of baseflow at 49 reference stream gages located within 25 miles of the Delaware River basin watershed boundary for the years 1950 through 2015

This USGS data release contains daily-timestep and monthly-timestep estimates of baseflow at 49 reference stream gages located within 25 miles of the Delaware River basin watershed boundary. Estimates are provided for the available period of record of streamflow data at each site between 1950 and 2015. A two-parameter recursive digital filter was used to estimate baseflow at the selected...

Date published: June 8, 2020

Reported groundwater levels and groundwater pump-and-treat withdrawal volumes, former Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, New Jersey, 2018

This dataset contains U.S. Navy contractor-reported groundwater level data measured on June 18, 2018 and reported daily total groundwater pump-and-treat withdrawal volumes for calendar year 2018 at the former Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, New Jersey. This data release supports: Fiore, A.R., and Lacombe, P.J., 2020, Groundwater levels and generalized potentiometric s

Date published: May 27, 2020

Estimated low-flow statistics at ungaged stream locations in New Jersey, water year 2019

Estimates of various low-flow statistics were computed at 53 ungaged stream locations throughout New Jersey during the 2019 water year using methods in the published reports, 1) Streamflow characteristics and trends in New Jersey, water years 1897-2003 (Watson and others, 2005) and 2) Implementation of MOVE.1, censored MOVE.1, and piecewise MOVE.1 low-flow regressions with appli