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Photo of Ground stratification showing different types of Geomorphology
August 4, 2018

New Jersey Strata 2

Exposure of the clay-sand facies of the Cohansey Formation in the Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer system.

USGS Storm-Tide Sensor
March 31, 2018

USGS Storm-Tide Sensor

USGS storm-tide sensor bolted to a cement jetty on the Atlantic Ocean coast at Fire Island, New York. USGS scientists deployed over 50 sensors along the coast of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Delaware to study a Nor'easter that affected the Northeast in March of 2018.

Demonstrating a Passive Seismic Tool in Kenya
February 28, 2018

Equipment preperations

USGS scientist demonstrates the use of a passive seismic tool used for stratigraphy and bedrock mapping to local water officials. 

USGS Hydrologist on Delaware Bay
December 20, 2017

USGS Hydrologist on the Delaware Bay

USGS Hydrologist Lukasz Niemoczynski doing site recon at Gandy's Beach NJ.

USGS scientists studying groundwater
December 15, 2017

Tracer Addition

USGS and University at Buffalo scientists injecting tracers to study diffusion.

USGS Technician using a sampler to collect discrete water-quality samples
December 8, 2017


USGS Hydrographer Brad Bjorklund using a DH-81 isokinetic sampler to collect a discrete water-quality sample, August 2016.

Stony Brook at Princeton Gage House
November 28, 2017

StonyBrook gage

Stony Brook at Princeton (01401000) Gage House as seen from across the Creek.

USGS Scientists fish sampling in the McDonald's Branch in Byrne State Forrest
August 1, 2017

Shocking Fish at McDonald's Branch

USGS Scientists, Jonathan Kennen, Molly Schreiner, and John Cohl, shocking and collecting fish in the McDonald's Branch in Byrne State Forrest for NAWQA studies.

USGS Hydrologist downloading data near the rain gauge
June 20, 2017

Figure 3

USGS Hydrologist Alex Fiore downloading data from the open-canopy rain gauge at Mount Mitchill Scenic Overlook

Scientists collecting smallmouth bass
April 28, 2017

DEP Fish Sampling Lambertville

NJ Department of Environmental Protection scientists collecting smallmouth bass from the Delaware River near Lambertville, NJ.


Processing Fish at Echo Lake
April 17, 2017

Fish Processing at Echo Lake

Scientists conducting health assessment on smallmouth bass collected from Echo Lake, NJ.


Water Sampling at MacDonald Pond
March 3, 2017

Water Sampling at MacDonald Pond

USGS scientists collect water samples for chemical analysis from an excavated pond in the NJ Pinelands.