Long-term Water Monitoring Networks in New Jersey

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The accurate, long-term monitoring networks of New Jersey Water Science Center provide valuable data in real-time and historical perspective to compare that data to.  The longer a monitoring location is in operation, the more valuable it becomes, since more statistical comparisons can be performed.  Our field technicians continuously make field measurements and maintain these networks.


Long-Term Networks

Streamgaging Network (discharge) - data are crucial for modeling, forecasting, and statistical analysis.  These data help properly size a culvert, determine how high a bridge must be to withstand high waters, allow water resource engineers to manage a basin’s water supply, and forecasters predict flood crests.

Groundwater Network - provide indicators of available water supplies and drought resiliency.

Water-quality Network - both discrete (single point) and continuously collected, allow for analysis of constituent loadings (how much?), effects of land use change on our rivers, and detection of spills and pollutants in our waterways and aquifers.

Tide Network - data to assist with forecasting, statistical analysis, and storm preparation done by our cooperators.

Precipitation and Weather Network - to provide short-term (120 day) data augmentation to many locations for: Precipitation, Water and Air Temperature, and even Wind speed and direction at some of our coastal sites.


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