New Jersey Water Data Reports

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Water Resources Data reports  were published annually for many decades for use by engineers, scientists, managers, educators, and the general public. These static archival products supplemented direct access to current and historical water data provided by the National Water Information System web interface (NWISWeb), the authoritative source for USGS water data.

2014 to Present: Each site's Water-Year Summary will be available on-demand on NWISWeb as soon as the water-year data are reviewed and approved as final.

  • Once at the site page, select "Water-Year Summary" from the 'Available data for this site' pull-down menu.

2006 to 2013: Annual water data reports were made available as individual electronic Site Data Sheets for the entire Nation for retrieval, download, and localized printing on demand.

Prior to 2005: From 1961 until 2005, reports were published as paper documents. Most reports since the 1971 are available in electronic format under the Publications Tab at the top of this page.