New Jersey Water-Transfer Data System (NJWaTr)

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The State of New Jersey strives to allocate water resources to meet human demands and ecological needs. NJWaTr is a database system that compiles, stores, and distributes New Jersey’s water use data for research and modeling purposes.  NJWaTr helps officials understand the movement and uses of water throughout the State over time.

In a cooperative project, the state and the USGS follow the water from its original source to its discharge, with a conveyance-based water tracking database called NJWaTr, . The database is managed by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection and allows the state to accurately track both surface water and groundwater.

The USGS New Jersey Water Science Center supports the State by maintaining the database structure and by annual assembly of new datasets.  Water use data are available on a site-specific, monthly basis from 1990 onward.


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