Cannon Air Force Base: Seasonal Potentiometric Surfaces and Groundwater-Level Trends

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Declining water levels and a history of high nitrate concentrations in groundwater near and on Cannon Air Force Base (CAFB) necessitated a more detailed assessment of groundwater flow directions than has been done in the past. Previous potentiometric-surface maps were sufficient for showing regional directions of groundwater flow, but more detailed seasonal (summer high-pumping and winter low-pumping periods) potentiometric surface maps were needed to show local directions of groundwater flow near potential sources of nitrate. In 2013 the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, San Antonio, TX, asked the USGS NMWSC to develop more detailed maps of groundwater flow near CAFB.


  • Conduct summer and winter synoptic groundwater level measurements.
  • Evaluate directions of groundwater flow, seasonal differences in flow, seasonal differences in groundwater levels, and trends in groundwater levels.


Determine directions of groundwater flow on and near Cannon Air Force Base and determine seasonal (summer & winter) differences in groundwater levels.